mxb were delighted to be presented with the opportunity to create a new campaign for Bow Street Mall, who were experiencing a shift in their target market and seeing a rapid growth in ‘starter families’ in the area. 

mxb responded by creating a highly stylised campaign which would position Bow Street Mall as a key destination on the doorstep of young families and milliennials. The market research that went into this campaign unlocked a core message and truth about Bow Street Mall; that the breadth of brands available in one single destination, could only be delivered #ByBowStreet. 

#ByBowStreet was conceived as a dynamic, multilayered campaign, with a unique and ownable signature.  This signature would evolve into a promise of choice.  

We brought the campaign to life by combining highly stylised photography with impactful and memorable typography, turning the #ByBowStreet message into an ever-evolving message, capable of living across all seasons.

The campaign lived across all platforms, including high impact OOH, influencer partnerships, press and digital media, as well as on the ground activations and PR stunts.

#ByBowStreet represented youthfulness, versatility and playfulness; attracting and targeting new shoppers and also re-inspiring loyal customers.